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Larry Birddog
Wednesday, June 6, 2007
Lisa Spakowski writes: A year and a half ago Don and Dawn adopted Charlie a cute little Orange and White Pointer we saved with his brother, Prestley from Charleston, IL. The Blazek’s have Prestley aka Hallas.

Yesterday afternoon- I had the pleasure of finalizing Larry’s adoption with Don and Dawn. OMG what a great little pup!! I LOVE the little Labbie/Pointer mixes. Thanks to Betsy for bringing this pup to our attention and Suzanne Horton for making room for him in Cincinnati.

Foster mom Sue Horton says goodbye to sweet Larry.

First news from Larry's new parents: Lisa,

I wanted to let you know the initial meet and greet with Charlie and Larry went without a hitch...they are already brothers playing and wrestling in our yard...even drinking water and the same time from the same bowl [I have had dogs with food issues in the past]. Don told me this morning he feels so guilty feeling so much love for Larry already ...I mentioned a web site where I purchase treats and herbal remedies...instead of conventional medication..they send you a news letter every so often with interesting information....I just love the site and the products...if you Google only natural pet store you will be able to access their web site and at least receive their informational articles. Thanks again for another great success story in the Hahn household.


Don, Dawn, Charlie, and Larry

7:58 PM

Sunday, May 13, 2007
Hi! My name is Larry Bird and I'm a really lucky boy. Illinois Birddog Rescue took me in when I was in danger of having played my very last game at the local shelter. Phew, am I glad that my playing days are not over---not by a long run.
You see, I'm a young fella---just about 5 months old. My foster mom says I'm the Bestest boy she could have. I'm weighing around 40-45 lbs right now.
I love to cuddle and give lots of kisses---and I'm a teamplayer too. Absolutely LOVE other dogs.
I hope somebody will come soon to take me onto their family team forever. Meanwhile I'm also looking for somebody that might want to foster me while I'm waiting for my winning team! Might you be the one that gives me the "big break"?

8:02 PM

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